Thermal Protection / Lagging / Insulation


Thermal Protection

CNF manufactures a broad range of fiberglass tapes to provide thermal protection. Thickness range from 7 mil to 250 mil. Both woven and knitted products are available. Thermal Protection Improvements in automotive under-hood space utilization mandates better heat management. Thermal protection on wires, coolant tubes, and refrigeration tubes is critical to operating at maximum efficiency. Sleeves and tapes fabricated from fiberglass, nylon, and polyester yarns are custom made for specific applications.


Woven Thermal Insulating and Lagging Tape

Woven lagging tapes are woven from texturized fiberglass yarns in order to improve insulation. These tapes are used for gaskets, vibration dampening, and welder protection. Boiler doors, oven gaskets, and insulation pads for use in the railroad business are typical applications of woven lagging tapes. The tapes are available treated.

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