Specialty Fabrics

Sometimes the performance requirements demand materials that either have superior strength, chemical resistance, thermal protection, or toughness. No perfect fiber exists and careful analysis of not only costs but also the strengths and weaknesses of fibers should be made for each new application. Some high performance fibers processed at CNF follow:



E-Glass is the standard fiberglass used in most applications. The most economical fiber available for composites.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber – A very strong composite fiber. Weight to strength ratio is exceptional.



Strength is excellent with about 25 grams per denier (about 5x polyester). Toughness and cut resistance is excellent. Will not melt and will not propagate flame. Decomposes at 900° F. Good resistance to acid. Very low extension at break. Weaknesses include poor resistance to alkalis, UV rays, and gamma radiation.



Excellent thermal resistance. Does not melt and will not propagate a flame. Decomposes at 700° F. Good resistance to acids and alkalis. Good solvent resistance.


Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)

Excellent strength that is approximately the same as Kevlar®. Superior resistance to acids and alkalis. Excellent cut resistance and toughness. Properties are not affected by exposure to radiation. Melts at 500° F.



Stronger and higher continuous operating temperature than E-glass. Composition is 65% SiO as compared to 54% for E-Glass. S2 glass does not contain Boron. In the nuclear power industry tapes must be Boron free. Softening point is reached at 1932° F.


Quartz Fiber

Quartz fiber is 99% SiO2 with superior thermal properties.



Brand name Nextel-312®. Excellent thermal protection. Usually served with rayon yarn that is removed in heat cleaning.


Specialty Fabrics

CNF has successfully partnered with companies that have tape or fabric requirements that must be custom designed to meet design requirements. These special requirements can relate to strength, thermal properties, resin compatibility and endurance. We have developed webbings used by NASA on the space shuttle, straps to lift armament into aircraft, and protective sleeves for hydraulic cylinders. We partnered with a medical company to develop and patent a bandage for the military that will stop a wound from bleeding. Conveyor belts designed to perform when used in saturated steam chambers have been designed by CNF. High performance fibers are often necessary to meet demanding requirements.