Knitted Fiberglass Tapes for Thermal and Electrical Protection


formiglaslogoForm-I-Glas™ brand knitted tape was developed wrap steam pipes as an alternative to shrunk in place cotton duct. Knitted fiberglass conforms to irregular shapes and corners with no tucks or bulges. The superior conformability eliminates the need to cut tailored pieces of woven fabric thus saving time and labor costs. The tape is spiral wrapped around pipes and painted with a mastic. The finished wrapped pipe is durable even with foot traffic. Form-I-Glas™ is approved by the U.S. Navy and conforms to Mil-C-20079.


Knitted lagging tape is also used for insulating refrigeration tubes and for protecting pipes from corrosion and abrasion.


Knitted Tie tapes are used by electric motor and transformer manufacturers. Tie tapes are highly conformable and provide excellent protection where clearances are critical.

Download Knitted Tie Tape PDF specs

Download Raschel Knit Lagging Tape PDF specs