Electrical Insulation Tapes


Coils and stators must have insulation wrapping tapes woven to precise widths, thermal stability and thicknesses. CNF matches most commercial and military electrical insulation specifications.


Fiberglass Electrical Tapes

Woven fiberglass tapes have a wide range of uses in the electrical equipment market: Transformers, motors, generators, switch gears, consumer appliances and electronic equipment use these tapes to insulate, seal, or strengthen their various components. They provide excellent tensile strength, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, dimensional stability and thermal endurance.

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Cotton Electrical Tapes

Woven cotton tapes are used to wrap armatures, field coils, field coil supports, and transformer windings. They are also used as a sacrificial item in resin or shellac coating processes.

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Polyester and Poly-glass Tapes

Polyester and polyester-fiberglass tapes are designed to have high shrinkage when heated.  Motor parts are wrapped with hi shrinkage tapes and then the parts are heated.  The tapes shrink around the parts resulting in an excellent snug fit.  Both Polyester and polyester – fiberglass tapes are constructed from warps of hi-shrink polyester.

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