When yarns are spun the fiber producer will apply either oils, starches, waxes, or polymeric lubricants to the yarns. These lubricants are necessary for weaving or knitting. In many cases, untreated tapes will satisfy all the end use requirements. To achieve maximum bonding with some resin systems, tapes are heat cleaned and then treated with Silanes.


A summary of treatments available:



The heat treatment removes almost all organic materials and the resultant fabric is white. Heat cleaned fabrics can be used without further treatments or coupling agents may be applied to the cleaned fabric.


Carmelized (Finish 111)

Organic binder materials are partially removed by heat treatment. The color is a golden tan. The fabric is stabilized and often used in electrical applications.


Finish 9383

A heat treatment for fabrics made from textured fiberglass. A large portion of organic binders are removed and the hand is enhanced and weave is set. Color is grey to brown.



A high performance silane that is excellent for polyester resins but also functions as a multi functional coupling agent for epoxy resins. Advantages include high mechanical properties, clarity, drapability, and excellent wet out. The silane used is 3-(methacryloxy)propyltrimethoxysilane.



A silane treatment optimum for use with epoxy resins. The treatment also used with phenolic resins. The silane used is 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane.


Weave Set

(HL252) A latex resin is applied to stabilize the construction. The finish is transparent.



Tapes coated with PVA which makes the tapes stiffer and have better dimensional stability.


Finish 5

Tape is coated with a yellow pigmented acrylic coating.


Finish 10

Tape is coated with a transparent acrylic coating.



Applied to mold liner fabrics to permit easy removal from high temperature molds.



Cotton and polyester taped pressed under high temperature and heat.


Edge Coated

Resin applied to the edge of rolls of narrow fiberglass tapes. Improves efficiency in wrapping rods and coils.



Graphite dispersed in acrylic resin applied to fiberglass tapes.


Water Repellant

Water repellent finish applied to fiberglass tapes gives excellent protection for underground and other hostile environments.


Colored Yarns

Fiberglass yarns coated with pigmented resins. Colors are matched to Pantone standards. High temperature pigments are stable at 700°F.


Cold cleaned

Fiberglass fabric is cleaned in aqueous solution of scouring agents and enzymes. The color is white and almost all organic material is removed. Cold cleaned fabric is softer and stronger than heat cleaned fabric.


Polyurethane Coatings

Coatings may be clear or pigmented. Black pigmented resins are used for UV protection on tapes constructed from high performance fibers.


Water Activated

Urethane resins are applied to tapes and the tapes are packaged in moisture impervious foil pouches. The user applies water which acts as catalyst. The resin hardens to provide excellent strength. Tapes are used for pipe repair as well as various infrastructure reinforcements.