Knitting & Weaving


CNF’s focus is to make the best tape possible for the intended application. A customer may have a custom product manufactured by the most appropriate method. Woven tapes are excellent for strength and very stable dimensions. Knitted tapes offer conformability as well as strength. Weaving is basically the 90° intersection of yarns. Knitting is the technique of pulling loops thru other loops in a controlled pattern. CNF often leads customers to the best mode of fabric forming for the customer’s needs. CNF has the advantage of offering customers fabrics formed from both Weaving and Knitting processes.

Raschel Warp Knitting


CNF is a pioneer in knitting fiberglass tapes. Warp knitted tapes are superior to any other tapes when conformability is critical. End uses include orthopedic casting and splinting, refrigeration coil insulation, pipe repair, silica tape reinforcement, and construction reinforcement.

Small Diameter Rib Knitting


Stockinette is knitted to widths ranging from 1” to 12”. Rib knitting offers stable sleeves for a variety of medical and commercial uses.

Narrow Fabric Weaving


CNF has woven narrow fabrics since 1929. Our looms today are state of the art machines capable of numerous constructions in widths ranging from 0.25” to 12”. CNF weaves many tapes that conform to commercial and military specifications. Often tapes are custom designed for our customers requirements. CNF pioneered weaving fiberglass yarns. We also weave high performance yarns from Kevlar, Nomex, Carbon, Dynema, and Vectran.