Water Activated Urethane Treatment

Tapes are coated with resins in a very specific climate controlled environment. The tapes are packaged in a moisture impervious water proof pouch. Crush strength up to 50,000 psi is possible with pipes wrapped with urethane coated fiberglass tapes. Tapes wrapped with woven urethane coated tapes strengthen pipes and also prevent or repair leaks. To activate the resin, expose the material to water.

The same resin system can be used on knitted fiberglass tapes. These tapes are highly comfortable table and often used as a protective coating over metal that has been treated with corrosion inhibitor chemicals. The cured resin is unaffected by seawater and metal structures above and below the waterline can be protected and strengthened using these tapes. Application can be made on existing structures below the waterline as required. When wrapping parts with knitted fabrics, the fabric adjusts to the geometric shape of the part resulting in full coverage with no bulges or gaps even at elbows or couplings.